Welcome to the scholarship page.

As part of our Winterjazz concert series, myself, along with my bandmates, Alan Dowling, Deryl Gallant, and Ian Toms have developed a music scholarship for high school students going off to pursue a degree in music with emphasis on jazz.  Many people who cannot attend this series have asked me how they can contribute to this scholarship fund. In response to these requests, I have set up a paypal donation option on this page. This is a great way to help support the arts, and give to a music student who can really use it. All monies collected go to the scholarship, and a list of donators will be posted below. Any donation, no matter how small will help, so pitch in please!



Below is a list of past Scholarship recipients:


Patrick Nabuurs


Katie Chaisson and Adam Beck


Ashley Noonan


Caitlyn Ramsa